A:  No one system is appropriate for every situation, condition or budget but in general we recommend roof
membranes in the following order below.
APP and SBS modified bitumen membranes.  Our experience is that modified bitumen membranes from quality
manufacturers are the most puncture resistant, longest lasting and trouble free roof systems in our market.
Built up roof systems.  Asphalt multi-ply built up roofs are also puncture resistant, long lasting and trouble free roof
systems.  Gravel surfacing is prohibited in the City of Houston and other areas and the odors associated with hot
asphalt are not appropriate for some projects.  Where built up roofs can be used we have found them to be
excellent and economical roof systems.
High quality KEE and PVC membranes.  We have experienced very good membrane service life with KEE and PVC
membranes but only the membranes made by the highest quality manufacturers.  We recommend these systems
with redundant features such as a built up or modified bitumen membranes under the KEE or PVC cap sheet.  
There are many lesser KEE and PVC products on the market that despite their marketing claims and favorable
costs, they are not products we recommend.   
Metal roof systems.  Where sufficient roof slope is present properly installed and detailed metal roofs can provide a
long service life.  We have found the concealed fastener systems to require less maintenance and have superior
aesthetics to through-fastened products.
Other single ply roof membranes.  We do not see EPDM rubber being specified in our market and we do not
recommend this membrane due to the short service life and maintenance issues.  Low cost PVC and TPO
membranes are very inexpensive.  TPO has been gaining market share but we have found them to be very prone
to punctures and physical damage and can be hard to repair after a short time.  Many TPO membranes are still
being reformulated and service life can be short or variable.  We do not recommend TPO, low cost PVC products
or EPDM unless there is very little roof or mechanical service traffic and price (not quality or longevity) is the
determining factor in membrane selection.
Q:  What types of roofs do you install?
Q:  Do you provide emergency leak repair?
A:  With more than 60 qualified roofing professionals on the payroll, we can respond to commercial and
industrial roofing problems any time of the day or night.  We have responded to many emergency situations
and have worked around the clock to get our customer’s buildings watertight and back in operation
  • We install all types of roof systems
  • Catalyzed resin roofing, flashing and waterproofing systems
  • Green roofs, cool roofs, roof gardens and rooftop planters
  • Rooftop pedestrian walkways and walk surfaces
  • Custom-fabricated metal products
  • Roof drainage systems and products
  • Roof coatings and sealants
  • Durable steep-slope products and systems
Q:  How do I know if a roofing crew is qualified?
A:  To start with, ask the company for written verification that everyone working at your facility are full time
permanent employees and not subcontractors or day labor picked up from the street corner.  No matter how
competent a day laborer or individual on a subcontract crew may be, the vast majority do not have the high
level of skills training, safety training or tools and equipment to perform work at your site correctly and

When the truck arrives at your location open the tool box and see if it is fully equipped with all of proper tools
to do the job safely and correctly.  Ask each person to identify the safety equipment he will be using on your
project and ask him to show you how it will be used.  Check that all of the ladders and equipment are safe
and in good condition.  Ask each person for their CERTA license showing that he is trained in torching
operations and handling LP cylinders.  Look at the vehicle insurance certificate and see if it’s in a company
name or an individual’s name.  These are just a few of the many ways to differentiate between roofing
companies that are truly committed to quality work and the roofing brokers that will send you warm bodies that
may or may not be able to solve your roofing problems.

All Competition Roofing personnel are full time employees on our payroll.  Many have been with us for over
20 years and we have worked hard together to achieve the highest levels of training, safety, competence and
professionalism in our industry.  We equip our field staff with the best tools, equipment and materials to
accomplish each specific task and our mutual expectation is that your project, from the smallest repair to the
largest roof replacement, will be done right the first time.
Q:  What about installing extra elements, beyond the roof itself?
A:  A commercial roof system has a lot of working parts that have to integrate correctly and provide uniform
watertight integrity.  We have significant experience fabricating, installing and correctly integrating a wide
variety of accessory products such as:
  • Handrail and guardrail systems
  • Roof access ladders, hatches and walkways
  • Antenna and telecom structural mounts, equipment platforms and supports
  • Antenna and vent pipe anchors and guy wires
  • Rooftop safety and equipment anchors and tie-backs
  • HVAC and mechanical equipment curbs and supports
  • Skylight guards and fall prevention equipment
  • Expansion and movement control systems
  • And any more items to make your roof installation complete…
  • Re-Roofing
  • Roof leak repair
  • Built-Up
  • Modified bitumen
  • Single-ply
  • Metal
  • Manufacturer certified/approved
Professional Services
  • Evaluation & design
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance programs
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Radio dispatched crews
  • Sheet metal
  • Waterproofing
  • Wet glazing
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